Writing Prompt 02: Retro Jet Pack Flyers

Writing Prompt 002

A retro illustration of people flying with jet packs.

  • Who are they (do they work for the good guys or the bad guys)?
  • What do they want?
  • Why are they flying around like that?
  • What gets in their way?

Send me a link to your stories. I’d love to read them!

3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt 02: Retro Jet Pack Flyers

  1. Hi Paul,
    Nice to meet you at Jeff Goins webinar last night. Just time for another quick look at the blog before I’m off to work. I’ve signed up for email notifications, that should remind me to come back again when I have a little more time. I like this picture; flying is my thing, it’s actually the reason I’m starting to get into writing. I hope I can get around to writing a response to your jetpack prompt sometime. Everything I have written is here: http://www.infobarrel.com/Users/EdWalker

    There’s not much of it yet, but I think I’m slowly improving, certainly enjoying the experience.
    Thanks again for connecting on twitter,
    All the best


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