This short video by Mindvalley Academy, the online university for transformational education, teaches you a three-step technique for finding inspiration by one of the founders of the self-actualization movement, Napoleon Hill.

The ideas in this video remind me of how Steven Pressfield invocates the Muse before beginning his work for the day. He discusses this at length in his powerful book, The War of Art, a must-read for anyone engaged in creative pursuits.

I think there is some value in meditating on those who have gone before us and made progress in areas that we would like to make progress in. Theorists say that there are anywhere from 10-14 dimensions (or beyond). The ninth dimension is made up of “selection patterns that represent a generalized preference for one kind of universe over another.” I have a feeling that when we are accessing our imaginations, we are somehow tapping into this dimension of infinite possibilities.

I have no way of proving any of this, and my mind starts to fizz and pop like an electrical breaker box full of wet sprockets when I try to imagine how the ninth, tenth, etc. dimensions work, but I like the idea that there is a storehouse of all possible ideas that we can get access to if we are still enough and listen.

Let me know how the meetings with your mentors go by dropping me a line at or leaving a comment below.

Is this the Single Greatest Tool for Solving Problems?

2 thoughts on “Is this the Single Greatest Tool for Solving Problems?

  1. I’ve been having fun exploring your website. I found this video interesting, and also, as much as, your thoughts about it. I too believe in infinite possibilities and “dImensions.” And that you can tap into these. I know it sounds crazy, but it fits with my experience of things. “Magical thinking” some people call it, in a derogatory way. But the most magical think I know of it life right now as we know it. Me writing to you, this moving through cyberspace, your thoughts in my head, the thoughts of all the dead writers and poets and the creations they left us feeding the mind. Each moment unraveling in ways we cannot imagine, surprising us. What is more magical than the universe put together precisely in the way it is?

    Thanks for creating such an interesting and thought-provoking blogsite. Happy to be aboard.


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