Julio Cortazár – Writing Quote Wednesday


Julio Cortazár Writing Quote by Paul Jenny using royalty free photo from Morguefile.com

Julio Cortazár, professor, translator, boxing enthusiast, prolific novelist, playwright, poet, essayist and master of the short story (i.e. a WRITER) was born in Belgium in 1914 to Argentine parents but emigrated to France in 1951. He was granted French citizenship in 1981 and he died in Paris in 1984.

His father left the family when he was six. His mother, a prolific reader, introduced him to the works of Jules Verne and in Plural magazine (issue 44, Mexico City, May 1975) he was quoted as saying, “I spent my childhood in a haze full of goblins and elves, with a sense of space and time that was different from everybody else’s.”

What is your more intense and compelling reality?

Send me your short stories to pauljennynyc@gmail.com and I’ll read them on the Stories are the Wildest Things Podcast. You can hear the first episode HERE.


 Watch more about Julio in this YouTube video.

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