Alice Walker – Writing Quote Wednesday

Alice Walker Quote

Writing Quote created by Paul Jenny with Flickr photo “Run” by Satish Krishnamurthy

What do you do to stay healthy as a writer?

I know that mentally, I’ve done what Alice Walker has said and healed myself many times over by writing what I need to write. But physically, it’s a much different story. In our crazy, busy world, it’s hard to make the time to do the things we need to do stay healthy.

Those of us who have day jobs might be standing on our feet all day. We might have to be at a desk at our other job (or jobs). When we get home, we put in more hours at the desk to get the pages for the day done. Our minds are active, but what about our bodies?

I know that when I spend too many hours surfing the internet, I feel less healthy. If I’ve spent the whole day sitting, the inertia keeps me from wanting to be more active. This article from Popular Science even states that you can die from sitting too much.

At Stories are the Wildest Things, I want to examine ways that we as writers can be more healthy. Leave a comment about how you motivate yourself to get active when all you really want to do is lie down. Share your story with the rest of us and we’ll all be healthier! (You, for writing what you need to write, and us, for following your advice.)

Run” by Satish Krishnamurthy (CC License)


Speaking of stories, I’m still accepting submissions for the Stories are the Wildest Things podcast. I’ve gotten some GREAT submissions so far. (Thank you! You know who you are.) I’m going to make a choice of which ones to read over the next week or so. Please send me your stories with the subject line: Podcast Story to

Tell your story! Please leave a comment.

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