Ksenia Anske – Writing Quote Wednesday

(Credit: Writing Quote created by Paul Jenny using Morguefile.com photo by kakisky)

(Credit: Writing Quote created by Paul Jenny using Morguefile.com photo by kakisky)

One of my favorite writers who engages regularly in an enchanting way on Twitter is Ksenia Anske.

Anske communicates freely and honestly through her Twitter feed and blog and I really appreciate the way she approaches writing and life. Her personal story is as fascinating as the books she writes and she gives away her books for free. She asks her readers to buy or donate to keep her writing, and they do.

As some of you know, in addition to publishing this blog and finishing the short story for the anthology, I’m currently working as an actor in the Scottish play (Shakespeare’s Macbeth) and prepping for NaNoWriMo 2014. I got home from rehearsal quite late, looked at the calendar, and realized that it was time for Writing Quote Wednesday! I hopped online immediately.

The first thing I saw waiting in my browser was this great post by Ksenia called How to Write Your First Draft in 20 Days. It’s filled with great advice about writing, not just for people who are doing WriMo, but for anyone who wants to get a first draft done with as little stress as possible.

I urge you to read her post and subscribe to her blog, then hop on Twitter and follow her. If you do, she might even send you a finger monkey like this one.

A Finger Monkey

A Finger Monkey

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