The Battle Within – Which Wolf Will You Feed?

On this Sunday after that irrational holiday, Pi Day, here’s a short film to think about as you begin the new week.

As we ate pie yesterday and today I thought about that old proverb that states there are two wolves we can feed in our lives; one wolf is good, one wolf is evil. The story ends with the question, “Which wolf will you feed?”

I know I struggle with this everyday. In the spirit of transparency, this film stars the five-year-old I talk so much about here and on my Twitter feed. The film was shot in New York City’s Bryant Park. Meir Kalmanson of AMK Productions (aka The High Five New York Guy) shot the film.

Let me know what you do to keep the wolves fed in the comments below.

Have a great writing week!

2 thoughts on “The Battle Within – Which Wolf Will You Feed?

  1. It is a struggle to feed the good wolf because we are creatures of self interest.

    Even so, I do try to feed the good wolf. Something inside me tells me the best part of man’s struggle to rise to another, better plane of existence is to fight the good fight, and try to temper self-interest.

    How? I remind myself that we are all in this together – and I’d rather stand for something admirable (no matter how hard that is) than get mired in the culture of ME, ME, ME.

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