Just a Quick Update


Hello, Dedicated Readers of Stories are the Wildest Things.

I’m back. I’ve missed you. I’m here and working hard to bring you the content you expect from this blog.

I’ve been busy putting together two children’s books, getting the five-year-old off to kindergarten, putting on plays, working on films and pounding away at the MG and YA novels I’ve been trying to finish. I’ve also started a Paper.li web paper called Children’s Book News Daily. (<==┬áCheck it out by clicking the link.)

Please drop a line to say hello or leave a comment and let me know what you’ve been up to.

You’ll be hearing from me more often from now on.

I appreciate all of the emails, Periscopes, Twitter responses and Facebook posts.

Here’s a quick quote for the day:


Stories are truly the wildest things and sometimes we must retreat in order to tell them. Look for more content soon!

Yours in story-telling,


Write Now! The Time We Have Left (in Jelly Beans) from @BuzzFeed

What will you do with the jelly beans you have left?

I want to spend mine on grand adventures of the mind and body and spirit, laughing as much as possible, hugging my four-year old and being with my family, learning new things and writing down stories for others to spend their jelly beans on.

Let me know what you’ll be doing with your jellybeans in the comments below.

Have an inspiring Tuesday!