The Healthy Writer – Do Nothing for Two Minutes


Photo by Paul Jenny

You’re BUSY.

I know. I mean, I’m surprised you’re even¬†reading this 200 word post.

Your day is filled with things to do: work, chores, kids, after-school activities, finding writing time, editing, reading, taking care of those who are ill, surfing the web, responding to email, returning phone calls, checking and re-checking devices.

When does it all STOP?

If you’re like most people, it doesn’t really.

There are small breaks in the chaos that allow us to breathe, to think, to become more fully who we are as people. Sometimes it helps to have support for breaks.

I stumbled on this website the other day and wanted to share it with you. It’s called Do Nothing for 2 Minutes.

I like to use it when I’m stuck in what I call a “click-trance.” It’s that trance you fall into when you are surfing from page to page and click on link after link and when you look back at the clock, a few hours have passed. I used it just now. It helped me to focus and get back on task.

I challenge you to use Do Nothing for 2 Minutes and then post a comment about your experience.