Shakespeare and My Birthday – Writing Quote Wednesday

(Credit: Writing Quote created by Paul Jenny using photo by rosevita)

(Credit: Writing Quote created by Paul Jenny using photo by rosevita)

Writing Quote Wednesday just happens to fall on my birthday this year.

I also just happen to be rehearsingĀ a Shakespeare play on my birthday, so I thought I’d grab a few words from his 884,647 or so (That’s almost 18 NaNoWriMos). I’m sitting just outside the rehearsal room door thinking how lucky I am to have the opportunity to be saying Shakespeare’s words as I add another year to my life on this Earth. We’re working on Macbeth, or The Scottish Play to those who are superstitious, and it’s a grand adventure to work with this company on this story.

My heart is often cooled with mortifying groans that I’m getting older. My left shoulder has a nagging pain that doesn’t go away. I need cheater glasses to read fine print. I have to watch my blood pressure and the weight I put on in winter doesn’t seem to come off as easily as it did in my youth.

I am also an oenophile, so my liver is often plenty hot from the drinking of wine. A good red wine, a good book and a bar of dark chocolate is something like bliss to me. (It also makes for a good workout according to this book.)

As I celebrate one more year, I hope, that like Gratiano from Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, I can continue to play the fool into my old age. I have plenty of wrinkles, which have come from equal parts mirth and laughter and worry and concern, but the ones that have come from mirth and laughter are much more fun to remember.

I’m looking forward to many more years of laughter and many more wrinkles to come.