One Simple Technique to Change Your Writing (and your Life) Instantly


I’m a big fan of James Altucher. He blogs, he podcasts, he writes books, he kvetches, he kvells, but he is AUTHENTIC and inspirational He speaks his truth to power and his truth is engaging and has made a big difference in my life.

I recently started using a technique James taught in his post, “I Used My Magic Power and Exploited Everyone in My Path” and it’s made a huge difference in my day-to-day to life. I want to share my story with you. Although James says he exploited everyone, he really gave them a gift. The gift of himself.

If you haven’t read James’ post yet, pop over to his site, read the post, follow him and then come back over here for my version. You’ll be glad you did.

He does this thing that he calls his “magic power” where he smiles at everyone he sees AS IF he is their mother or that they are about to die. At first, it sounds really creepy. But I’m a big fan of the AS IF as a fiction writer so I thought I’d give it a try in the trenches of higher education where most students are so wrapped up in their cellphones and their relationship woes and their grades that  I have to jump up and down in front of them in class to get their attention.

A few days ago, I started using James’ technique and thought, “These students are going to think I’m creepy. They’re going to run away and report to the Dean’s office that some pervert is on campus smiling at them like he’s their mother.”

Well, that never happened.

What did happen was amazing. The first few people I met changed instantly. Their faces went from concern and worry and looking lost to being open and smiling and glad to see that someone cared about them, even if it was just for a split second. Some of them knew my name and I wasn’t even sure I had ever had them as students. Some of them jumped like an electric current passed through them. Some were unreachable and that was alright, because I know there have been plenty of dark times in my life when I’ve been unreachable as well.

I started using this technique off campus with everyone I’ve come in contact with, strangers, friends, students, elderly folks, little kids, it works on everyone.

Each person I’ve used this technique on, unless they were completely wrapped up in their own darkness, transformed into someone whose face lit up for a brief second as I sent them my full body smile. Like, James, I’ve started to feel stronger, like the rays of the sun giving power to Superman.

My favorite time to do this is when I see someone I normally don’t want to engage with, someone a little off, someone who seems a little too crazy or emotional or withdrawn, but almost every time I’ve done this, even with those people, the difference has been remarkable. It’s almost like those people are the ones who need it the most.

But really, I’m the one who needs it the most.

I’m a natural introvert and would prefer to stay all alone in my dark little world most of the time.

But opening up in this way, smiling at people as if I’m their mother and they are the most important person in the world to me at the moment, has been an engaging and uplifting experience and one I recommend.

We’ve recently had two gun incidents on or near campus just in the past week. One of them was fatal. Maybe if people practiced this technique with each other, they’d spend more time caring about making someone feel loved and less time worrying about why they’ve been “disrespected” and now have to shoot them with a gun.

Thank you, James, for sharing your experience with all of us and allowing me to share it with others as well. I think it can make a huge difference in the world and I appreciate that.

Let me know if you start using this technique and what affect it has had on your life and those around you. I’m looking forward to hearing your stories, because stories are the wildest things.