Writing Prompt 09: 5 Most Mysterious Sounds Ever Recorded

The YouTube Channel Dark5 has some fascinating videos featuring “the greatest mysteries of this world and beyond…”

For this week’s writing prompt I chose the 5 Most Mysterious Sounds Ever Recorded for inspiration. Take one of the mysterious sounds from the video (I’m really fascinated by the very first one) and write a story that explains the sound’s origin or show us some people interacting with the sound in some way that still leaves the mystery intact. You could also explore the idea of another kind of mysterious sound unrelated to any of these.

Please submit the story you’ve written to the Stories are the Wildest Things Podcast. If your story is chosen you’ll get to hear your story read to our audience. Leave a link to your story in the comments, or send it directly to pauljennynyc@gmail.com

Thank you to everyone who’s submitted a story so far. I’d like to get a few more submissions before I make my decision about the story to be read on the next episode. If you haven’t heard from me yet, you will soon.

Have a great writing week!

Writing Prompt 08: Showgirls Playing Chess Backstage


I found this gorgeous photo on Twitter in the feed of @ClassicPixs. It’s a 1958 photo by Gordon Parks. Parks was a photographer, musician, writer and film director.

This is him:


I want to read a story based on this photo of showgirls backstage playing chess.

  • What is the brunette relating to the blonde and the redhead?
  • Why do they play chess every night (or was this a special occasion)?
  • Who wins?
  • What story does Gordon Parks have to tell?

Post a link to a story inspired by this prompt in the comments section. I might have to tackle this one myself.

Writing Prompt 03: Retro Car of the Future

Flickr photo by Marlo Klingemann

Flickr photo by Marlo Klingemann

I love old photos of what people thought the future would be like.

You could use this photo to write a story about the characters as they are: a mom and child who live in the fifties but have a “futuristic” lifestyle, or you could write about a future where everything is very retro.

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